Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Today

Photo published for The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: What Time Can You See It?
I remember the 1970 total solar eclipse that ran up the East Coast of the United States and got a mention in Carly Simon's hit song You're So Vain.   It was the last total solar eclipse we experienced in the continental United States until this one that is happening today.
If you live in the 70 mile wide path of totality that will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, you're going to get the celestial skywatching treat of seeing a total solar eclipse.

Assuming your local weather cooperates.

Those of us in Houston will only get a partial solar eclipse that covers about 67% of the Sun that will start around 11:46 AM CDT and end around 2:45 PM CDT.

But in any case, whether it is the total or partial, be advised not to look directly at it/   You can go to you local planetarium to see it or check out this webstream broadcast of it on NASA's website.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Don't Let Your POTUS Get Your Azz Cussed Out

Laughing my butt off at the faux outrage coming from conservafool white America because two high school Beckys waltzed onto the campus of Howard University to cause drama, got what they were looking for, and are now crying white women's tears on the Net about it.

Naw b  oo boo kitties, what did you Trumpettes think was gonna happen when you disrespectfully stepped onto the campus of the flagship HBCU in the nation with Make America Great Again hats on, and you do so mere days after Dolt 45 cosigns white supremacists in Charlottesville?

Exactly what you got.  All I have to say about it is don't let your white supremacist POTUS get your azz cussed out or put in the position to get a beatdown.

Image result for Howard University
There are times when you have to give people exactly what they are looking for to send a message that we ain't having it.   One of the places that Black folks aren't tolerating conservative white BS is on the campus of one of our flagship HBCU's.

Your excuse of you were going to have lunch on the HU campus isn't going to fly either.  When I visit The District, there are a lot of places I have gone to eat or been taken to in DC like Ben's Chili Bowl, Five Guys or Eatonville just to name a few.   No one has ever suggested that we dine at the HU cafeteria.

So you two New Jersey Beckys can go cry all the white tears you want on FOX Noise and in conservafool fake media about how mean the Black college kids were to you.  You were the agent provocateurs who jumped this mess off.  

High fives to the HU students who called your lack of home trained asses out on your vanillacentric privileged bull feces.  Kudos also to Howard University for standing up for their students and their right to be hostile to these troublemaking Beckys

Black America is not in a mood to be disrespected or played with right now, especially when you white peeps in this country have been running buck wild ever since Orange Julius was elected.

And we damned sure aren't going to tolerate it from you Trumpettes who are part of the 53% white female demographic that delusionally put him in office.

So miss us with this mess.   And I repeat, don't let your POTUS get your azz cussed out.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Happy Transgender Pride Flag Day!

Today is the anniversary of the day 18 years ago that Navy veteran Monica Helms came up with the design of the transgender pride flag that is increasingly coming into widespread use around the world.

Helms came up with the design in 1999, and first showed it at a pride parade in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

Image result for Monica Helms
The Helms trans pride flag is designed so that no matter which way it is held horizontally, it is always correct, signifying us finding correctness in our lives.   The blue stripes are for trans masculine persons, the pink for trans feminine persons, and the white center stripe is for those who are intersex, gender non conforming or don't consider themselves to have a gender..

The original trans pride flag she created was donated to the Smithsonian an August 19, 2014 as part of their American LGBTQ hisotry collection, and was on display in the White House during the 2016 LGBT Pride reception hosted by President Obama

Happy Transgender Pride Flag Day!

Is It Health and Human Services Texas Policy To Harass Trans Texans?

Was not happy to hear about the latest instance of anti- trans discrimination in my hometown and who it happened to.

Ana Andrea Molina is the executive director of the Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT), which works to provide services for the trans Latina population.

One of those services is setting up a trans shelter modeled after Casa Ruby in Washington DC called Casa Ana Andrea in Houston's Third Ward just south of the Texas Southern University campus.

Ana Andrea Molina's photo.
On Tuesday she went to the Health and Human Services Texas office at 9450 Harwin Dr. in her capacity as OLTT executive director to gather information about services that her trans Latina clients could access.

While there she needed to use the restroom, and asked where it was so she could handle her business before proceeding with her information gathering business.

She was followed by an employee and the security guard in the Harwin facility, who after she entered the women's restroom decided to play potty Gestapo.  The transphobes continuously banged on the door of the women's restroom ordering her to come out and use the men's room, erroneously citing the failed SB 3 as their justification for being transphobic bigots.

Molina ignored them and didn't come out until after she'd handled her bathroom business and washed her hands.

This is also another example of the transphobic hate speech the Texas Republican Party unleashed while trying and failing twice to pass their anti-trans SB6/3 bill having real world negative impacts on the every day lives of transgender Texans.

Image may contain: 4 people, outdoorBut what the transphobes didn't know is that hey messed with someone who is well liked in the Houston advocacy community..

The next day she showed up at that facility accompanied by members of Indivisible Houston to file a complaint with the facility supervisor protesting her treatment.  

I walked in wearing a trans themed t-shirt with 'My Existence Is Resistance' written in Spanish accompanied by four cis feminine allies, and strolled into that same female bathroom with them basically daring them to treat me the same way they'd disrespectfully treated my Latina trans sister.

Someone in that office called HPD, who responded by sending three units to that Harwin location. While two of the HPD officers were polite, one was problematically aggressive, and threatened arrest of everyone if we didn't disperse.

Having gotten the complain form and sending the message we needed to send, we left peacefully .

The Harwin office is in the Texas senate district of Sen. Borris Miles (D-Houston) and Ana happens to be a constituent of his.  She is also in the House district of a longtime friend of the Texas trans community in Rep. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston), who also isn't happy about what transpired, along with Rep Gene Wu (D-Houston) and Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston).  That office is in Rep. Wu's House district, and he is also a friend of our community.  

People from our local ACLU office are also looking into what happened.

So yeah, they messed with the wrong person., and I'll keep y'all updated as to how this transphobic discrimination story plays out

Friday, August 18, 2017

Number 17- RIP Gwynevere River Song

While the Texas trans community is celebrating the fact that we killed SB 3 and other odious anti-trans bills during this Special Oppression Session, we are also lamenting the loss of the 17th person we have lost to anti-trans violence and the second Texan we have lost in 2017.

26 year old Gwynevere River Song was shot and killed following an argument in the Dallas suburb of Waxahachie, TX  on August 12.   The Ellis County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the murder, and as the details come out, will pass them along to you TransGriot readers

Gwyn was a 2015 graduate of the University of Texas, loved science fiction and her mother Marcella Mosher supported her transition. Gwyn also used they/them pronouns in addition to she.

And yes Dan Patrick, Lois Kolkhorst, Rom Simmons and the Texas Republican Party, her blood is on your hands.

Hee memorial service will take place in her native Waxahachie at the Wayne Boze Funeral Home on August 21, and the community is invited to attend.    It is located at 1826 US-287 BUS in that city starting at 2 PM.,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

They Tried To Tell You Trump Was Unfit To Serve As POTUS

Image result for Obama Hillary
And y'all were too caught up in your fee fees to listen, or arrogantly thought you knew better than the Black POTUS or the white female former secretary of state who is qualified to be president of the United States.

So now we're all suffering because of your lack of progressive political vision.

And yes far left people.  I'll be reminding you of your ginormous error in judgement from now until November 2020, assuming Orange Julius doesn't blow up the planet between now and then,

Here's Hillary boldly saying it

And President Obama

You were warned. so don't start saying jack about how incompetent Dolt 45 is when you knew the only thing standing between him and the Oval Office was Clinton.

'Spirit Of The Confederacy' Has Got To Go

The local Robert E. Lee chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a 12 foot tall statue of a bronze angel in Sam Houston Park downtown that was erected in January 1908 called 'The Spirit of the Confederacy'.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
Over the last year in Houston we have seen HISD rename eight schools named for Confederate heroes and the renaming of Dowling Street to Emancipation Avenue.

Yesterday I joined several of my Houston activist friends during the public comment session at City Hall in calling for the city of Houston to remove that statue from this public park.

This statue is nothing more than the perpetuation of the Lost Cause lie.  The Spirit of the Confederacy  is nothing more than the failed attempt to keep my ancestors perpetually enslaved

That statue needs to go.

TransGriot Update:  A rally is being held at 3 PM Saturday to call attention to this Jim Crow monument that needs to go.

Texas Special Oppression Session Is Over!

Texas House
Earlier this afternoon  we Texas activists who have been fighting SB 6, SB 3 and other anti-trans hate bills heard the words we've wanted to hear:  Sine Die!

The Special Oppression Session ended when the Texas House adjourned without calling hearings on the unjust Senate passed SB 6 or on Rep. Ron Simmons' HB 46 or HB 50 anti-trans hate bills.   The Texas Senate did so a few hours later .

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
While the GOP transphobes like Kolkhorst and Patrick were lamenting that development, Texas transgender people and our allies are celebrating this huge win.

Don't mess with Texas trans people.   And don't mess with our Texas trans kids.

The Texas trans community, along with the parents of trans kids, Texas based advocacy orgs, legislators, the Texas business community, Texas progressive pastors and our allies testified, phone banked and did what was necessary to kill these bills.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing
Will Gov Abbott call another special session and waste $800,000 more of our tax dollars to try to pass SB 6 and other anti-trans hate bills?   Just the discussion of these bills has cost Texas $66 million dollars of convention business as the Texas Republican Party tried to pass anti-trans oppression for their political gain.

Image result for dan patrick toilet
While Lt Governor 'Potty Dan' Patrick tried to spin this defeat and claim that 'the people' will demand in the next session to pass the anti-trans hate bills, I think fair minded Texans have already resoundingly spoken in the 2015 and 2017 regular and special sessions about how we feel about these attempts to legislate anti-trans oppression.

And if Patrick tries to pass anti-trans oppression in Texas in the next session, we'll be there in force to combat it.

Image may contain: text
I hope those same fair minded Texans will do to Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, Potty Dan Patrick, Gov. Greg Abbott, Rep Ron Simmons, and every Texas senator and representative who either sponsored or supported these bills do what was done to Rep Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) and Rep. Gilbert Pena (R-Pasadena) in 2016:   Make them ex-legislators.

Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr.  (DINO-Brownsville) is also high on my make him an ex legislator list.

So what's next?   I predict the Texas GOP will try to oust Joe Straus as speaker before they attempt to call another Special Oppression Session.   He is one of the major reasons Texas didn't go down the disastrous road North Carolina did..

But in the interim, the Texas Trans Forces of Light have once again defeated the Texas GOP Forces of Trans Oppression.   We can exhale and celebrate our win today, but we must prefare for and be ready for the next clash with the conservative forces attempting to oppress us.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

She Tried To Warn Y'all About The Deplorables...

But some of you Green Tea Party fools were too busy hatin' on her, caught up in your Bernie feelings,  believing everything RussiaLeaks and jive turkey Julian Assange said that was negative about Hillary Clinton.

Still think she's 'worse than Trump?'    If you do, you're as delusional as Dolt 45. .

She was the only viable candidate in this race, and the only person standing between Trump and the Oval Office, and some of y'all were too stupid to see it.

Anyway, just to remind you what she said since some of you obviously missed it the first time, here's the video.

And she didn't stop there. She called out Alex Jones and the white supremacist movement, too

We could have had this woman as our president.   Instead we have a know nothing racist idiot.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Moni's Charlottesville Thoughts

As I arose from my busy Saturday at Netroots Nation, the word started circulating here about the white supremacist rally going on in Charlottesville, VA and the tiki torch carrying fools that has now resulted in the deaths of three people.

And this fool in the picture, Peter Cvjetanovic now upset because his picture will forever consume his destiny as one of the angry racists who gathered on this less than proud day in American history

Hey homes, that's why your Klancestors wore hoods.  That way they couldn't be identified when they did their racist crap.   I'm glad y'all are arrogant enough to reveal yourselves so we know who our enemy is.

But I'm not as concerned about these tiki torch carrying Nazis than I am about the white supremacists who have the power to write legislation that perpetuates the problems that white supremacy causes.

I'm more concerned about the white supremacists who have infiltrated our,military, our law enforcement ranks, and who teach our kids.  I'm also concerned about the white supremacists who wear fashion forward pumps

Image result for charlottesville vaI'm also concerned about the people who through their silence and inaction, condone the behavior of the white supremacists in their midsts, and it's past time for you good white people to prove it through action and come get your racist cousins.

But as shameful as these Nazis and Klansmen rallying was, what was even more disgusting was Trump's morally bankrupt reaction to it.

No Dolt 45, it isn't 'both sides', it was only one side bringing the violence, and it was the white supremacist one who endorsed your campaign and as David Duke reminded us, put you in office.

 It is your racist campaign that led to what happened in Charlottesville and emboldened the racist cockroaches to come scurrying out into the light.   Your cowardly silence will only encourage more racist acts by them, not end it. and I have zero confidence in your misadministration's willingness to confront them.

It's time once and for all to destroy white supremacy before it destroys the country

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hail To The New Pundit Cup Champion!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor
One of the things I was here in Atlanta for was for the semifinals and finals of the fourth annual Pundits Cup competition.   So what's the Pundit Cup?  It's a judged competitive punditry competition in which contestants pick a topic and go one on one against an opponent in a tournament style competition for a $500 prize.

I'm the 2016 champion of the event, and I was there to be a judge for the finals of it.    

Was happy to see an increase in the number of women, and especially women of color participating in the event and it was definitely more competitive than the #NN16 Pundit Cup competition I won.  

To illustrate the stepped up level of competition at the #NN17  , Bo Shuff, the person I beat in last year's semifinals, was knocked out in the round of 16 by the eventual champion Tenaja Jordan.  

But before Tenaja could claim the crown, she had to get through a tough semifinal round with Sarah Badawi and the final with my fellow Texan Chuck Rocha.

Tenaja handled her punditry business, and emerged from the competition as the 2017 Pundit Cup champion   She has become the third consecutive woman to win the title.

Congrats Tenaja!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Moni's In The ATL For #NN17

Image result for hyatt regency atlanta
For the first time since 2004, I'm actually spending some extended time in Fulton County and not transiting the ATL airport as I've done a few times since then to make connecting flights either to or from Houston.

It's the first of two trips I'll mate to Atlanta over the next several weeks, and I'm here for my second consecutive Netroots Nation conference.  Compared to my maiden 2012 Netroots Nation experience in Providence and last year in St. Louis, it's going to a be a busy one for me with three panel discussion and making an appearance during the Pundit Cup as last year's champion.

And even better I didn't have to fly Spirit to get here since this is Delta's mother hub.

Image result for netroots nation 2017
Unlike last year in St. Louis, I'm at the convention hotel this time, which means I'll get to hang out a little bit longer and talk to convention attendees.   Also looking forward to bumping into old friends and meeting new ones.

And once again for those of you attending #NN17, I don't bite.  If I'm not enroute to a panel or a meeting, I'll always have time to talk to people at these events.  

Don't be shy, say hi!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

2017 Texans Watch - Texans vs Panthers

Image result for Texans Deshaun Watson
They start the 2017 season at NRG Stadium with a AFC South Division game with the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 10.

But before they get to that first regular season game, they leave their comfy West Virginia training camp digs to head to Charlotte to play their first 2017 preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.  
And yes, TransGriot readers, once again I'll be doing my NFL season prognostication when the 2017 season kicks off.

Speaking of kickoffs, Texans fans are watching the quarterback battle between Tom Savage and our first round draft choice in rookie Deshaun Watson.   We're also eagerly anticipating the return of JJ Watt to the Texans stellar defense, and in the wake of NT Vince Woolfork's retirement, all eyes will be on DJ Reader so see if he can replace him.

We'll see what happens in this first preseason game that kicks off at 6:30 CDT.

Moni's Headed To Netroots Nation 2017!

Image result for netroots nation 2017
I'll be headed to Netroots Nation for the second consecutive year, and this year #NN17 will be held in Atlanta.

This will be the first trip I've taken to the ATL since 2004, and I'm so looking forward to going there and actually stepping out of the airport for a change

In addition to participating in two Saturday panels and on on Thursday/Friday, I'll also be making an appearance during this year's Fourth Annual Pundit Cup competition and the finals on Saturday since yours truly is last year's champ.

One of my panels is at 1:30 PM EDT in the Hanover F room, and is entitled Talking While Black. There will also be at 3:00 PM in the University room an LGBT POC Caucus.

But I'm definitely looking forward to wandering the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Peachtree Street convention hotel, seeing some old friends, and as always meeting new ones.

So if you see me wandering the #NN17 convention hotel, don't be shy, say hi!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

TX Women Leaders Rally in Austin

Image may contain: text

The clock is ticking toward the end of the Special Oppression Session on August 18, and while we have SB 3 and the other hate bills hung up in the House, we're still keeping the pressure up on the GOP majority.

I'll be in Houston raising hell at City Council later today, but my heart will be with the group of Texas women leaders countering the big whopper that Lying Lois Kolkhorst told last Thursday at the faux faith based hate rally and make it clear that Texas women oppose this unjust bill.


Texas women will stand together against discrimination—and together, we'll urge lawmakers to reject the dangerous proposed bathroom bills in the final two weeks of special session.

Some lawmakers claim this is a woman’s privacy issue. It is not. They claim this is a safety issue. It is not. Law enforcement officials from across the United States and right here in Texas have made clear that this is a solution in search of a problem. The leading sexual assault expert in our state says this bill will not protect women from sexual assault. Now, women are taking the lead. This is not about women’s safety or privacy.

We are mothers. We are business owners and business executives. We are teachers. We are active in our communities, in local government and in our schools. We are faith leaders and actively involved in our respected houses of worship. We are conservatives, liberals and independents. We represent the rich diversity of our state and we reject attempts to divide us and to score political points through fear and misinformation.

RSVP to let us know you can be there—and please spread the word to women in your network who you know oppose discrimination and agree Texas should be open for business to everyone.

If time permits, please plan to visit legislators while you are at the Capitol to express your opposition to the bathroom bill.


The Texas Women Leaders rally will take place starting at 11 AM on the south steps of the Texas Capitol, with the rain date location being the Capitol Extension Auditorium in E1.004.

Hope you ATX peeps will give them some love.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Dallas' Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade Names First Ever Trans Grand Marshal

During our pride parade here in Houston history was made when Lou Weaver was elected to become our first ever trans masculine parade grand marshal.  

Trans history is also being made on the other end of I-45 in Dallas for their Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.   While most cities in the Lone Star State celebrate TBLGQ pride near the traditional historic late June date that can get a tad warm down here, Dallas celebrates it in September.

When Dallas' pride parade takes place on September 17, it will have its first ever trans grand marshal of any gender in Nicole O'Hara Munro.  She's also making history as the first ever African American ever named Dallas parade grand marshal.

Born in NOLA, Nicole now lives in Dallas, and is a trans rights advocate who works with an TBLGQ youth group and A Nu Trans Movement in addition to being the show hostess at Marty's Live.

And it's so apropos that it happened for this year's parade.   Texas trans people are under GOP legislative attack, and 14 of the 16 people we've lost in 2017 have been Black trans women.

It's gratifying to see that Dallas has elected a Black trans woman as their grand marshal.

She will be joined by the parade's masculine grand marshal in newly elected District 6 Councilmember Omar Narvaez .  He is the first openly gay candidate elected to the Dallas City Council in over a decade.

I've already commented on Omar's awesomeness on this blog, and glad to see he's being recognized for the trailblazing work he has done in the DFW area

 Congrats to both of the 2017 parade grand marshals.   May need to check my schedule and see if I can be up there for this piece of modern Texas trans history.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Help Dawn Represent Team USA!

I've talked more than a few times on this blog about the fencing exploits of my Louisville homegirl Dawn Wilson, and me getting to tag along and watch from time to time when I lived in Da Ville.

She's good at it as well.  Dawn donates her time to a lot of worthy causes in the Louisville area in addition to serving on the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission and as an elder at her church.

Image result for usa fencing logoBut her passion is fencing.  She is one of the top five 5 ranked veterans saberists in the USA, and recently she accomplished a long sought after goal of qualifying for and making a USA Veterans national fencing team.

She now gets a long sought after opportunity to prove she's one of the best in the world.      

That USA Veterans fencing team will be competing in the FIE Veterans Fencing World Championship tournament in Maribor, Slovenia October 15-21, and it will be an expensive trip for travel and lodging while she's there.  Dawn can cover some of her expenses, but to be at her absolute best, she would also like to bring her coach with her.  

Image result for FIE  veterans world fencing championship 2017
The goal is to raise $3,500 and you can click on this link to the GoFundMe page to donate whatever you can afford and whenever you can do so.  

Help her get to Slovenia for this tournament and rep Team USA to the best of her ability.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

ATX Here To Slay Capitol Rally

Image may contain: 9 people, people standing
I got to take a quick trip to Austin yesterday to speak at the Here To Slay Austin Capital Takeover a mere 24 hours after the hate ministers desecrated the South Steps and express myself about Texas GOP legislative oppression..

Too bad we didn't bring any holy water or sage to cleanse them.  Neither did I get my Slurpee.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree and outdoor
It was put together by several organizations, including the Houston based Organization de Latina Trans en Texas (OLTT) , Aqui Estamos RGV,  Familia and the Transgender Law Center.

It was also an honor to be asked to be the lead speaker for it, and ended up getting quoted in the San Antonio Express-News article about the event.  I also enjoyed the conversations I had with many of the attendees.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor and closeup
So it was nice getting to see Raquel Willis, Isa Noyola and Jennicet Gutierrez again, see the ladies of OLTT,  hang out for a moment with Danielle Skidmore  and enjoy spending the quality time on the ride up to and back from the ATX with Alice Serna-McDougald.   Also got to meet more trans and BLG younglings and talk to them about our Texas trans history.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree and outdoor
I was also proud to be part of an event that is building ties and working partnerships between the Texas Black and Latinx community since the Texas Republican Party over the last decade has been hellbent on curbing the growing political power of our communities.  

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor
They are also deeply aware of the fact that since 2009 the Texas demographics are against them

For five hours they not only heard our voices, but three lobbying teams visited key House legislators and senate legislators.

And what did I have to say about Texas legislative oppression?

“When you have people like the trans community who have had to fight tooth and nail just to exist, we’re not going to roll over for legislative repression."

Nope, we're going to fight it with every fiber of our being.  And yeah, we'll be back when you have those hearings on Rep. Ron Simmons' unjust bills..

Tee Tee's Funeral Go Fund Me Page

Tee Tee Dangerfield was murdered earlier this week, and like many families in this situation, the unexpected death of a young family member has left them scrambling to cover the expenses for her funeral costs.


Thank you so much for stopping by this page to honor and celebrate Tee Tee Dangerfield’s life and legacy. 

The Dangerfield family would like to thank everyone who has expressed their condolences – and blessed us with their prayers during this extremely difficult time. 

Our family never thought we would have to bury our loved one – unexpectedly. 

Tee Tee was murdered on July 31st, 2017 around 4:30AM at an apartment complex in College Park, Georgia. Police say, someone shot her multiple times while she was sitting inside of her car. When medics arrived, they rushed her to the hospital, but sadly she died upon arrival. 
We know this story has touched many people in the Atlanta-metro area and across the country. Especially, those in the LGBT community. We want you to know your love and support has meant everything to our family. We also want you to know that Tee Tee was a prideful transgendered woman and happily supported her community. 

If you feel compelled to donate to Tee Tee’s Fund to cover her burial and funeral expenses, we would gladly appreciate it.  

For all those who a part of the LGBT community, in transition, scared of people’s perceptions know that Tee Tee would say – “Be fabulous, honey!”  

Our sincerest gratitude, 

The Dangerfield Family 

The GoFundMe page for Tee Tee has a goal of raising over $10,000, and hope that we can not only meet but exceed it..   Here's the link to it.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Lying Lois Kolkhorst Gets Called On Her SB 3 Lie

Image result for Lois Kolkhorst
Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) is rapidly becoming one of the most despised women in Texas Trans World.

Kolkhorst is becoming the face of Texas Trans Oppression in large part because she's allowing Dan 'Potty Man' Patrick to hide behind her skirts and be the front person for the unjust SB 6 that died during the regular session and now SB 3 through this Special Oppression Session.

Earlier today at the press conference the Texas Values hatemongers held on the capitol steps with 150 predominately white people in attendance, Sen Kolkhorst uttered the ridiculous claim lie that
"I've not had one woman come to me and say this is a non issue. Not one woman.:"

They don't sell Whoppers that large even at Burger King.

I also find it highly ironic that Kolkhorst told this massive lie in front of a group of pastors.  Then again they were violating the Ten Commandments too, so Kolkhorst was in good company.

Guess Lois wasn't paying attention during that 10+ hours of testimony in March and once again a week ago for another 10+ hours in which hundreds of Texas women cis and trans stated that point loudly and clearly.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

A woman you work with, Sen. Sylvia Garcia  (D- Houston) pointed out this bill was unnecessary.

Another woman you work with, Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo), also expressing herself about your unjust bill.

This woman, Dr. Jennifer Feldman, also pointed out it was unjust, harmful and unnecessary.


I do thank Lois for giving me some fresh material to call her out on for my speech tomorrow from those same capitol steps.

In the meantime, give Lois a call at 512 463-0118 to remind her and her staff that there are cis and trans women in Texas who do believe this is a non issue

Texas Progressive Faith Leaders Hit The ATX

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and eyeglasses
The hate pastors are desecrating the Texas Capitol today trying to browbeat the Texas House and more specifically, the House State Affairs Committee into allowing those legislative abominations SB 3, HB 46 and HB50 have hearings and go to the House floor for a vote.

Um, no.  Dignity and diversity over discrimination.

Faith leaders rally at the Texas State Capitol in opposition to "bathroom bill" legislation. Aug. 1, 2017 (KXAN Photo/Frank Martinez)
On Tuesday August 1 an event happened that I have wanted and we have needed to see for years happen in terms of progressive faith leaders showing up and rebuking their loud and wrong pastors.

Faith leaders rally at the Texas State Capitol in opposition to "bathroom bill" legislation. Aug. 1, 2017 (KXAN Photo/Frank Martinez)It was sponsored by Texas Impact, a statewide interfaith advocacy network that was founded in 1973.   The real Christians and progressive faith leaders were at the Capitol to express their opposition to the GOP hate slate and push back against the false Texas Values narrative that all Texas faith leaders support discrimination..

Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders during this Texas Interfaith Lobby Day gathered for a day of events that included a prayer service on the floor of the Texas House, visits to legislators, advocacy training sessions and called for an end to attempts to pass the unjust anti-trans HB 46, HB 50 and SB 3 bills.

They spent this day driving home the message they were #MianstreamNotExtreme.

"Mainstream faith communities affirm the shared values of respect, dignity and welcome for every person,"said Texas Impact Executive Director Bee Morehead.

"Discriminatory legislation that targets individuals based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity runs counter to Texas values."

Trying to pass that unjust legislation has already cost Texas $66 million in convention business with more in jeopardy as an ever lengthening list of corporate leaders urges the Texas House to just say no to discrimination.

So glad that Texas progressive faith leaders are part of that chorus of righteousness